Sticky Chicken via Instant Pot

I broke down and bought an instant pot. The craze has been happening around me, probably for years, but I’ve ignored it all. I didn’t want another gadget and fall in line behind a trend that would soon go away.

I’ve heard the stories.

I’ve heard how easy it is to make dinner.

I’ve heard how meat can taste like melt in your mouth good.

So, I gave in and bought an 8 quart. With my Kohls discount and a few bucks of rewards this machine came home with me.

And, I tried it right away with this recipe found on Pinterest: sticky chicken. Think teriyaki flavors. Try it

It’s easy to make. The browning happens in your pot then you mix the sauce to pour over the chicken. Twenty minutes later the machine beeps and you settle in your chair waiting for it to depressurize. Wait a few more seconds until you know it’s safe to pull the lid off. The smell will take you to places. The chicken meat falls off the bone. The flavor tells you maybe this instant pot was worth it.

I’m not yet a believer but give me time. I’ll conquer as many recipes using this machine and keep you posted. And hungry.

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