Ribs via Instant Pot

What can I say?

I’m kind of liking this instant pot business a little bit each time I make a recipe. The only thing that baffles and challenges me is using this machine as a slow cooker. I’ve now tried 2 recipes calling for “slow cook” and both times yielded poor results. So maybe I should try to focus on what it’s meant to do – not what it hopes to do.

These ribs are another fall-off-the-bone type. Absolutely easy to make – in a flash!


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Fried Rice: Perfect for leftovers

If you find yourself staring at a smorgasbord of items in the fridge or freezer, consider making fried rice. It’s so easy and simple to make, plus it’s delicious. There are a variety of recipes to follow online and most, if not all, ingredients are probably at your disposal.

This is what I did to leftover deli meat and frozen vegetables. I scrambled the eggs and added it to the mix. I also used tons of garlic to add bold flavors.

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Whole Chicken + Side + Sweet Treat via Instant Pot

I continue to be amazed by this Instant Pot, yet not quite a believer -so to speak. I love the efficiency, particularly when I can sauté and then cook in one pot. It’s an epic change in the kitchen and in my cooking the last few days.

It’s epic but I am learning this machine with each recipe. Tonight’s offerings include a whole chicken, a side of potatoes and green beans, and a sweet treat called Monkey Bread (yes, I wanted to try it in this machine).

The chicken came out moist and fall off the bone kind. There’s some flavor in the chicken but the brining method I’ve used from another recipe using the slow cooker really infused the flavors into the chicken. Still, with some flavors, I found it amazing that I could be done with dinner in less than an hour (including browning and prep). I give this recipe from Pinterest 4 stars: https://damndelicious.net/2019/01/15/instant-pot-rotisserie-chicken/

This potato and green bean side dish was also full of flavor. Thanks to a recipe found on Pinterest: https://ohsweetbasil.com/instant-pot-green-beans-and-potatoes-recipe/. I confess that I have overcooked this dish because, I think, I used the wrong cooking function. My machine doesn’t have a function for vegetables (only meat, soup, steam, etc.). So I used “pressure cooker” and set it for 3:59. I think this is 3 hours not 3 minutes.


While I stopped it after 30-40 minutes, the damage, as they say, has already been done. But, the dish was full of flavor even without bacon.

Lastly, monkey bread! I must say the instant pot is not meant to be a slow cooker with this recipe. This recipe found in the book “175 Best Instant Pot Recipes” by Marilyn Haugen required the “slow cook” setting. I was initially confused about setting the time and continued to be confused 2 hours later (I later realized that’s how long I set this baby to cook initially). It didn’t overcooked the bread though; in fact, I had to add two 30-minute times and still the bread wasn’t cooked all the way. I finally stopped the instant pot and put the bread (no longer pretty at this point) on a baking sheet and stuck it in the oven. The result was still tasty but it took awhile to get to the end.

My deduction from all these is that the instant pot cannot be my slow cooker (maybe I’ll change my judgement later with another recipe requiring the slow cook method). But, if I would use it as a slow cooker I’d need to really look at 2-3 similar recipes and understand the timing element.

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PS, Fall is here soon!

Apple Turnovers

This inspiration came from a Trader Joe’s frozen pastry item that a friend shared. This friend came with 4 individual boxes of croissant, which were then laid out on a baking sheet to rise overnight. When morning came, they were baked and once cooled I devoured two with my cup of joe.

This apple turnover, though not croissant, is my delicious alternative since Trader Joe’s is quite a ways from me. What a great way to wake up with on a Sunday. Fall is near!

Thank you to a related post in Food Bloggers cafe that posted a blueberry turnover.


Sticky Chicken via Instant Pot

I broke down and bought an instant pot. The craze has been happening around me, probably for years, but I’ve ignored it all. I didn’t want another gadget and fall in line behind a trend that would soon go away.

I’ve heard the stories.

I’ve heard how easy it is to make dinner.

I’ve heard how meat can taste like melt in your mouth good.

So, I gave in and bought an 8 quart. With my Kohls discount and a few bucks of rewards this machine came home with me.

And, I tried it right away with this recipe found on Pinterest: sticky chicken. Think teriyaki flavors. Try it https://diethood.com/instant-pot-sticky-chicken-thighs/

It’s easy to make. The browning happens in your pot then you mix the sauce to pour over the chicken. Twenty minutes later the machine beeps and you settle in your chair waiting for it to depressurize. Wait a few more seconds until you know it’s safe to pull the lid off. The smell will take you to places. The chicken meat falls off the bone. The flavor tells you maybe this instant pot was worth it.

I’m not yet a believer but give me time. I’ll conquer as many recipes using this machine and keep you posted. And hungry.

Meatballs 3 Ways

Well, I got carried away. But, there you have it – meatballs 3 ways. All these recipes were found on Food Bloggers Cafe and my comments about each are below.

Norwegian Style:  This reminded me of beef stroganoff in a lot of ways. Creamy, homey, delicious.  I served this over noodles.


General Tso’s:  This was easy to make but a tad salty for me. I served this over a hot bed of white rice.

General Tso’s Chicken Meatballs

Italian Style Baked Meatballs:  Classic and delicious.  I served this with garlic bread (but you can also do rolls or over noodles).


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